The aims of the Consortium are to safeguard, promote, valorise,
and inform customers while taking standing for interests connected with Salame di Varzi’s branding as DOP, due to the fact that it is an excellence of the Oltrepo Pavese district.


Varzi Salame is a D.O.P-branded excellence, traditionally produced in the Staffora valley. Its quality and genuine characteristics are entirely the creation of skilful salame makers, artisans who follow ancient recipes respectfully. Combined with the unique climate of the high mountainous area of the Pavia Oltrepò region, this fact makes Varzi Salame unique in its excellence.


President Fabio Bergonzi
Director Dott. Agr. Annibale Bigoni
T. 335 6697063

Via O. de Canistris, 14 – 27100 Pavia
P.IVA 02288100189 – C.F. 95003320181

Representative Office
Casa dei Servizi – Piazza del Mercato – 27057 Varzi (PV)